Meet The Coach

Hi, I’m Nadia. Your Clarity Coach.

I teach ambitious women how to crystallize their goals so they can reach new levels of success and personal fulfillment. 

I believe that clarity is a process. If you approach your goals with intention and direction, you’ll be able to achieve more in less time. But I know from personal experience that getting started on your journey to clarity begins with recognizing disruptive patterns and tackling them head-on. 

As a child, I faced a series of traumatic life experiences that deeply influenced how I internalized stress. But in other ways, those same experiences made me want to set high expectations for my future. I thought that if I worked hard and excelled in school that I could find the happiness and fulfillment I’d always craved. I got my degree and found a great job. But there was a nagging little voice inside of me whispering, “Nadia, there’s more”. I thought I’d find the answer back in school, but when earning my master’s degree didn’t quiet the nagging little voice, I drifted into a period of soul searching. 

I realized that I wanted to help other women find peace and success in their lives even when challenges arise. I learned that we can’t always control our circumstances, but we can still achieve our goals while caring for ourselves in the process.

As I reflected on my life experiences I discovered a common thread: I felt most driven when I was empowering other women and helping them to overcome mental and emotional roadblocks so they could be happy. I became a certified women’s empowerment coach so that I could go beyond my desk to create products, courses, and content for ambitious women. I wanted to create an online space where they feel supported and inspired to take charge of their goals. 

Today I’m a certified women’s empowerment life coach with a degree in psychology and a master’s degree in forensic psychology. I have more than a decade of experience providing cognitive, behavioral, and programmatic solutions that facilitate and inspire change. I’m an entrepreneur and blogger. And I’m also the founder of Channel Her Purpose, a growing community of ambitious women pushing past life challenges and growing in purpose. 

If you’re a woman who knows where she wants to go but needs a roadmap to get there, you’re in the right place. Learn more about how I can help you prioritize your goals and achieve new levels of success you’ve been dreaming of.