Jasmine Green

I work with female entrepreneurs helping them to create more profits in their business and grow it by effective investment strategies. I’m also known as a money mindset coach helping those who seek to achieve high levels of success get into alignment with it. In 2017, I started a financial services company where I provided insurance & investment products to my community. I grew that company to managing over $5MM in a short period of time. A client inspired me to make my first break into the world of online business by sharing my knowledge of the stock market with other women. I launched a program in 2018 that spread worldwide in a matter of months. It was in this experience & my experience as a financial consultant that I realized that women especially aren’t as hands on with investing nor do they have a strong relationship with money overall. My entire brand is centered around helping the women that work hard for their money know how to use it as leverage to reach their “big idea” of life. The challenges I’ve faced while scaling my online is finding the right language. Many people in the money niche focus on selling the idea of earning large amounts of money where I focus on introducing them to the bigger picture for their lives.

Ebony Watson




While many therapists simply treat the symptoms, Ebony M. Watson knows firsthand that one can’t truly heal until they identify the root cause of concern. With extensive knowledge and experience in treating substance abuse and self-esteem issues, to suicide ideation and depression, Watson has worked with adolescents of all backgrounds and cultures for more than ten years. Known for her authentic, non-judgmental approach to counseling, youth not only feel
safe to share their thoughts and feelings with her—but they also leave empowered to pursue their full potential in life.

A product of a low-income community in Long Island, New York, unfortunately, Watson can oftentimes relate to her clients all too well. After being removed from her home because of her parents’ substance abuse addiction, she was placed into foster care. But, that only led to greater levels of hurt and pain. She was sexually, physically and verbally abused during her time in the foster care system, which in turn led to depression. Battling suicidal thoughts and fighting
to break free from her life’s dark past, her only coping mechanism was to act out in school. Little did she know that her behavior would catapult her into the field of social worker—where she works diligently to make sure children who have experienced similar things have a voice and don’t fall into depression.

A first-generation college student, Watson obtained a dual degree from Virginia Union University in both Social Work and Criminal Justice. She later went on to complete her Master’s of Social Work at University of Michigan and also holds a certification as an empowerment coach for women and teens from the DW Life Coach Program. Featured in Richmond Justice Magazine as well as Key Awareness Newspaper, to name a few, it’s crystal clear that this isn’t
just a job for her. It’s her passion. More than money or any level of fame, Watson works behind the scenes to teach her clients to be resilient—equipping them to overcome any challenges they may face.

Working with students from Detroit, Michigan, all the way to Cape Town, South Africa, Watson has mastered the art of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, where she works strategically with children and/or families to alter interactions and interrupt negative patterns of behavior. Whether she’s working to combat ADHD or anxiety, low self-esteem or substance abuse. Watson is committed to assisting clients with getting the necessary services and benefits in order
for them to function at the best version of themselves.

Shanti Helena

It’s easy to say “I have my life under control.” However, realistically it’s hard for some of us. As a woman in business, I use to allow my personal life and relationships to dictate my business. If I was going through a bad break up it will reflect everywhere in my life. If I was having financial issues, it would reflect in my life. 2017 was a wake up call to stop living that cycle. I allowed the BS to ruin my story of life. In 2017, I stepped out on faith with all the drama and bs. I was able to build myself a brand. I am book author, podcaster, public speaker, and blogger. We have to keep pushing through life issues and learn how to keep them separate. If you know that every Sunday you create your marketing content for that week then do it. Don’t allow that negative vibe that just came in your DM or negative phone call push away to have a better productive day. The only way to stop you from building your brand if a real crisis would happen in your life. If you lost some friends, a man, a job, or money, keep pushing your business. All those negative aspects will become positive for you as time goes on. Life can get the best of us but we need to recognize when it’s affecting our business. I do believe in stepping down from your business temporary to handle personal issues. Try to avoid managing your business when you are mentally out of it because it will affect your business. Starting today I want you to push through the BS in Life. I am a walking testimony. In 2017, I lost my friends, my corporate career, my man, money, and my home in a bad fire. All those happen within 90 days. I still kept pushing. Now I have more time on my hands to complete my book and start building my brand. 2019 will be an amazing year for all of us. We just have to keep pushing.

Chelsea Brown

For those that know me personally, they know I LOVEDDDD my career before real estate…so join me as I take a trip down memory lane….

* I was hired May of 2013 and placed as an assistant manager August of 2013 through their management and training program
* promoted to store manager January 2015
* Graduated with my MBA in 2016
* Promoted to Sales Rep June 2016
* Began my real estate journey February 2017
* Opened 3 businesses June 2017
* Lost my childhood friend June 2017
* Quit my job of 5 years June 11th 2018

Yes, that was 3 promotions in 3 years totaling $30,000 and two full time jobs for over a year. Totaling over 1.1 million in revenue in every role.

Along with the wonderful experience, I received help with paying for my masters degree, and a generous salary and bonus structure. This also came with having to deal with some not so fun comments from my immediate supervisor in my last corporate role like:

“Well that’s what first year sales reps make, your M.B.A. (Which they paid for) doesn’t hold weight in this position” (someone that didn’t even finish college )
“ Are you sure you aren’t being the angry black woman” (cursed him slam out)
“Well I’m putting you with this person to mentor you because how do I say it? She’s BLACK”
“ you’re using being black and a woman as a crutch” (cursed him slam out here too)

Outside of these comments, I also had to reach out to him regarding comments from customers which included , “I’m not calling her back, she’s BLACK and a GIRL” which he refused to address.

The icing on the cake was when my immediate supervisor thought it was cute to say to my counterpart “oh this is where Chelsea grew up” in an unfavorable part of town, nor was I around to defend myself (foh, always lived in a house and never told you where I grew up).

Now I knew my time was coming to an end because when it’s time to grow, God makes it so uncomfortable for you, you have no other choice. Did I know it would be June 11th 2018? NOPE! I had a wonderful position that allowed me freedom to only see this individual once a month but would find me crying my eyes out the night before “ride alongs”. I tried to make a complaint to hr back in March of 2018 but the individual who took my complaint stated I didn’t say it in a professional tone. I immediately withdrew my statement because I saw where that was going.I’m sorry I lost my cool explaining racial discrimination and overall being treated poorly. To make matters worse, she put a letter on my file speaking about the allegations but thought it was important to highlight my tone during the conversation. Oh did I mention I was the only BLACK person in every role I was in , in the district? Enough was enough. When I actually quit I didn’t even lose my cool because of all the stuff I had endured with this particular individual butttt I did receive a certified letter stating when I quit I yelled “F*UCK __________ “ . Nothing could have been further from the truth. I also had to deal with my peers (the same peers I coached , managed , and developed) asking me was the woman in charge of Women’s Empowerment in our district (me), curse _________ out and make a scene? I didn’t even try to clear anything up because honestly they didn’t deserve a second more of my time or energy.

How you let someone treat you, is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. I loved me enough to completely walk away from something I loved(my previous career), because I was terrified to say anything. DO NOT BE LIKE ME!!!
Well , well , well…here I am 6 months later to the date and not only living …but flourishing. That same individual that tried to bury me had no idea how beautifully I would truly bloom.

Megan Rochon

I’m Megan Rochon and I’m a loving mom of three!!! In my professional career I have worked for the last 9 years to support the quality of life of Children and Adults who are diagnosed with intellectual disabilities and mental disorders . I currently work in a position as a Compliance officer in which I interpret laws, write policies and ensure quality healthcare delivery to the people we support! I hold a bachelors in Political Science and a Masters in Management with a focus in Nonprofit and Association Management. I’m more known in certain arenas for my acting career! Acting is my first love. In my acting career I have been blessed to have been able to perform in a host of plays , several TV shows including working with Sirens Media, Apple TV, TV One and ABC. I have performed in independent films and web series alike. I’m currently enhancing my portfolio by stepping behind the stage and camera to create content. In my entrepreneurial endeavors I’m the owner of Your Vision Your Hair which is a wholesale braiding hair and wig distribution company . I’m the owner of Y. E. P. ( youth empowered through performance) . Which is my youth theater company coming 2019. I’m also a consultant and assist companies with business plans, strategic planning and development. One of my biggest struggles in my career has been a lack of mentors for young black professionals. It’s at time difficult to navigate the corporate world as black woman. My perception at times is distorted by stereotypical views of what a black woman is or not. You can be intelligent and still be yourself my motto. Being yourself meaning looking how you feel comfortable, being confident and being comfortable in your own skin! I want to motivate black women and women in general to know ANYTHING is possible!

Kashina Alexander-Mclean

My name is Kashina Alexander-McLean. I am a certified empowerment coach and I help women who are unsure about their path to become unstuck, identify their goals and live intentionally. I am also an inspirational speaker, author and founder of Scars That Speak Out Loud.

I was born to Rastafarian parents and grew up in a small rural community in Saint Ann, Jamaica. My journey started at age 8 when I was raped for the first time by members of my family while on summer vacation. This continued for about 8 years before I found the courage to speak up but was soon shut down by other family and was classified as a wicked liar. I became aggressive and full of hate and anger. I started drinking, sleeping around with both men and women and using drugs at a very tender age. I became pregnant with my first child at age 17 and ended up homeless for a while then started moving around to different places with my young child. This caused me to grow bitter, hateful and full of unforgiveness. By age 21 I had two children, no fatherly support and no career. I stumbled into an angel in the form of a neighbour who helped me to try at life once again. I got into school by faith, and determine to not let this woman down I worked really hard graduating with my nursing degree with high honors. I felt accomplished as my childhood dream was to become a Registered Nurse but after a while I began to desire more. I was now off drugs stopped drinking, looking to get married and building a stable home for my family.

I spite of these victories I still struggled with inadequacy and low self confidence and even attempted suicide three times. I was so broken but felt I had to be strong for everyone else.

Some months later I met Jesus and I started truly living, for the first time in my life. I felt empowered and unstoppable and would share my story with others who are struggling in similar situations.

Today regardless of my past struggles, the shame, hurt and pain I am a victorious survivor and I know that I have a God given mandate to fulfill. I recently wrote and published my first book titled WHEN THE SILENCE SPEAKS to encourage and empower other victims and am currently working to establish my coaching business while still working as an RN. My advice to women who may feel stuck in their life’s journey, struggling with inadequacy and unable to navigate their path is that all that you’re looking for has already been given to you. Change your perception and be willing to take one step of faith and your life will change for good. It all starts with you believing in who you are you and whose you are.

Chamise Bellamy

I am currently a marketing manager for a Fortune 7 healthcare company. My personal mission is to increase the input of black women in corporate and professional careers. I’ve been working within a corporate environment for over 10 years and I’ve often been the only or very few AA women in the room. While companies are making space for more diversity (some of this is just to satisfy shareholders) I want to help empower women to leverage the opportunity, enter the workfroce and dominate. I started a FB group (and soon to be program) to empower black woman working in professional environments, “Black Women Werking Corporate America.”

I have achieved success by always opting for the road less traveled. If it was easy every one would do it. But anything worth having is worth fighting for. I have a masters in Communications, completed countless internships including one at CNN. I have worked for 4 Fortune companies in various leadership capacities. I constantly give back, because my desire it to pull others up with me.

Shay Moss

I am a Senior College Counselor at a high school in Harlem, NY. As a counselor, I am responsible for guiding my students through the complete college application and financial aid process, as well as a long list of other duties and responsibilities (that would take me all day to name.)

Working in the field of education is something I never imagined myself doing, because once upon a time I actually hated kids! Not only did I not want to work with them, but I never wanted to have any of my own. However, I found out that this was definitely my plan and not God’s. After majoring in communications in undergrad, I tried so hard to break into the media field. Time and time again doors were closed in my face. Little did I know at that time, the reason I was unsuccessful in finding a position in radio or TV is because it wasn’t my purpose.

One day, I took a call from a former mentor from college, who offered me a job working at my alma mater in admissions in Richmond, VA. Honestly, I only took the job because I needed the money. I certainly had no interest in working with students. However, that slowly but surely began to change once I got into the position. I fell in love with helping high school students start their journey in higher education.

After 10 months I was promoted to an Assistant Director position in my department, and even though I was happy to be climbing the ranks I was still somehow unfulfilled. That’s when I realized, I wanted to take my career in a slightly different direction. Instead of recruiting kids to come to a specific college, I knew it was time for me to help kids find a college that was best fit for them academically, socially, and most importantly financially.

I considered all of my friends from college who ended up in unnecessary debt, because their guidance counselors in high school were not focused on counseling kids about financial freedom. So, I made it a priority to find a new career path where I could teach students all the things nobody taught us when we were in high school.

I took a job as a college counselor and moved to NY in 2016. It was one of the best decisions I made in my life. Although, my new position was very challenging and I had a lot of things to learn, I committed to helping kids figure out a path to higher education (that wouldn’t put them and their families in extreme debt). Also, with all the chaos happening today with our young men of color being killed or imprisoned, I started to get serious about building connections with our youth. I wanted to impact their lives in a positive way whenever possible.

Now, 2 years later, I’ve just been promoted to the Senior Counselor on my team. God has blessed me with a promotion where I can continue to work in my passion, while also strengthening my leadership and management skills. To get paid to do what I love is something I certainly cannot take for granted.

I hope to be able to inspire our youth to find their passion and run with it. I also want to encourage millennials, who are still trying to figure it out, to not give up. I didn’t find my passion until I was 24, and didn’t really feel fulfilled in my purpose until 27. Now, at almost 29, I am finally becoming financially stable where I can live comfortably and also help take care of my family. This was all a part of God’s plan. The trials I went through….the rejection from jobs….the struggles while moving…it was all on HIS time. So I must continue to tell my story, and hope my testimony can be a blessing to someone else. I still have a long way to go though, I am just getting started and truly look forward to what else God has in store for me.

Dene’t Radden


I am a 37 year old mother of 2 and entrepreneur. I work as a hair stylist with a thriving clientele, and I am also the founder/owner of Queen Spoils. In its development stages, Queen Spoils is a love project created out of my own transformational experiences. As my daughter began to transition into high school, I began to have increasing anxiety and panic attacks upon realizing she was embarking on a new stage of life that I myself was not ready for. It took me falling into a pit of desperation to understand why it was affecting me so badly when God gave me the revelation that I was living with a lot of broken pieces that caused depression, low self esteem, lack of confidence and more. I realized that I was afraid for my daughter to have the same weight on her as she grew. Wanting to break the cycle that I recognized from my own mother, I began the process of going inward to heal and grow. As a stylist, I have an connection to women and see first hand how we don’t take care of ourselves enough mentally, physically and spiritually. I hope to use my gifts to help woman to love themselves in ways we have never experienced thusballowing ourselves to love others on a deeper level. I am blessed to work in a field the allows me to create my own schedule and control of my life as my children are my only priority and being able to use my time to take care of myself so that I can be my best self for them has change my relationship with God, myself and my children for the best. My daughter is thriving as a teenager as she is having normal experiences but is able to learn, grow and understand her experiences and emotions which I have been able to teach her through my growth. I have a goal to be from behind the chair by 40, and in preparation I am now training as a certified Health & Wellness Life Coach, a Holistic Carr Practitioner and also an enrolled student at Liberty College for Psychology with a focus on Christian counseling. It was important for me to say all of this because I was my biggest challenge. All of the baggage, rejection, lack of nurturing and confidence I carried around was the biggest challenge i have ever faced. I am known as the strong one but inside I have always felt weak. Finding my strength and belief in myself has created a new vision for my life and has made me a confident mother to my children. This to me is what success is. My success is not based on a career, but is solely based on my well being and my ability to create healthy well beings through the lives of those I love

ShaNesia ( Nesi) Ewing


SheNesia (Nesi) Ewing is an International Certified Health and Wellness Life Coach, Master Fitness Trainer, and Nutrition Coach. She is a Senior Non- Commissioned Officer (NCO) in the United States Army Reserves. She currently holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Masters in Sports and Health Science with a concentration in sports and exercise performance. She is currently working on her Doctorate in Sports Psychology with an expected graduation date of September 2019. She also recently published her first book Uncovering the NewU Change your mind Change your Circumstances.

While in the pursuit of personal freedom she realizes that two things stand in the way. Her internal enemy caused by doubt and fear and the habit of sacrificing more for others than she does herself.

When she declared her independence from herself, she began tapping into her personal power, forcing her to learn how to live beyond her pain and circumstances. She realized that as a single mother there is no such thing as giving up or settling. It was up to her to change her mind to change her circumstances. Her ability to do and move forward was based on how long she ALLOWED the pain to linger in her mind, body, and spirit. No one can deliver her from her pain but her. Along the journey of pursuit, she learns how to walk in happiness uncovering something she never knew she had; HERSELF


Emily Rogers


My name is Emily Rogers. I’m a hairstylist located in Dallas Texas! Born in Trinidad but raised in Queens, NY by a single mother who managed to juggle mother hood a 2 different careers. With my mom as inspiration I became a hustler at a young age! In middle school I fell in love with the thought of being a hairstylist. Testing my skills , I would braid family members hair and neighborhood friends. As I got older the thought became distant as I ventured into other things. I decided shortly after finding out I was pregnant with my first child in 2005 I would take bus ride to Long Island Beauty school to sign up for the cosmetology program! I was sadly disappointed when I found out that it would be best if i started after my son was born. I really thought I had it planned out by going to school while I was pregnant so I would be licensed and ready to pursue my long time dreams. After years of back and forth in local community colleges, many career changes and 3 beautiful children later I decided to move to Atlanta for a better life for myself and my boys. I was in a very abusive relationship at the time of moving and to get away from the situation I moved to another side of the city with family! Myself and my boys stayed in one room sleeping on a queen sized mattress. With no job at the time I got a weekly western union from my sons father, half of it went to food and gas and the other half I bought whole sale jewelry and fashion clothes. I did this for a few months until I got a job at AutoZone. I became the manager and was able to move out of my family members home and into my own house. Shortly after I started school for nursing and my life finally seemed at ease. I started hanging with some old friends and got caught up into the fast life. I quit school and quit my job, few months later got arrested on felony charges and everything went down hill! Lost my apartment and had to send my kids away so I can get my life back in order. Back again in a family friends home, in one room with a queen size bed. I eventually did UBER for a few weeks and got my own apartment again by the grace of God! I attended a bar tending school and shortly became a bartender. I was floating on air again, but what goes up must come down sometime. I ended up around the wrong crowd and while my children were away for the summer I was faced with a life & death situation. Someone shot through my bedroom window aiming at my bed 16 times while I was sleeping. I moved out of that space and went into hiding, always having to look over my shoulders and make circles around parking lots to check my surroundings. It was not the life for me. I made the decisions to move to Dallas with my mother and children. This was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. Being around my mom brought back my strive to be a hustler! I got a job at Amazon immediately and took classes for microbladding and mink lash installation. I did well with this little career that I decided to make it official and join Toni & Guy cosmetology academy. I did an 11 month program in 12 months and graduated with honors. While in school I built a great clientele and gained my own suite the week of graduation. I am now a licensed cosmetologist and I know own Snobbish Luxury Styles which consist of Mink Lash installs, hair extension installments, hairstyling, coloring, I sell my own line of luxury bundles and hair edge control I also picked up a trade of making luxury satin and silk hair bonnets and shower caps by hand and sewing machine. I know that this was Gods plan all along but I was not ready at the time I thought I was ready. I just want to inspire all woman to push for what they want and never let anything stop them because what is for you will be yours! Listen and watch for the signs and sometimes when you are stubborn like myself God has to just send someone to shoot your house up with 16 rounds but leave you untouched so you can live to do what you were destined to do.

Kadi-Ann Bartley


My name is Kadi-Ann Bartley a certified confidence coach for professional woman, empowerment speaker and COO of Eagles International Coaching.

I grew up in a small community called Waterford in Portmore, Saint Catherine, Jamaica. My jounery started at age 14 I lack love and affection while growing up, so I started looking for what I needed in other places( men). I got pregnant however that was short lived, I was force into an abortion which changed my whole life. I grew bitter, angry, sad and full of unforgiveness. Education was my only way out ( well I thought it was), so I did the only things that made me felt like I exist. I studied twice as hard as my peers and by the age of 16 I knew what I wanted. I wanted to run and operate my own business ……yea, but doing what?.

I was rejected by many, cast down by many and told that I would never be anything. That was a whole lot of my plate, a meal I just couldn’t digest. I began to struggle with inadequacy and low self confidence. I was so broken, my smiles were fake and I wish I had another life. My dreams seems so big they scared me. I started self talking myself at a tender age by this time they say am crazy.Truth is (smiling) there was a heavy calling on my life one that I didn’t even dream of.

After high school I felt like I was suffocating, I wanted so much more than the life I saw around me. Women gambling, unemployed, smoking, attending parties and being single moms was all I saw. So I ran, At the age of 18 I ran away from home, my community and friends. I just couldn’t digest that meal. By this time I had a job as a assistant secretary at a big wholesale earning minimum wage. I rented my first home….I am a big girl now! .During the first 3 months I was sleeping on the floor, I had only my clothes. Inadequacy got the best of me and I would just push myself behind the back burner every time because I didn’t think I am good enough.

I applied by faith to university where I pursue a Bachelors in Business Administration . It wasn’t easy but I knew that my dream requires me to just jump. After college when you thought I would be fine things got worse. I hid myself behind my qualifications, I wanted to enter the cooperate work place but fear crippled me. This girl lacked confidence. I had all the goods but I was still holding on to my past, where I came from, the abortion etc. I never thought I deserve to be amongst the best. I just gave up!. I got sick and tired of being sick of tired. I met Christ and I started living, for the first time in my life. I felt more than enough, I wanted to help women who are struggling with the similar situations I once had without comprising my faith. Coaching was the path the lord led me to, of course I second guess myself(lol).

Today regardless of my past struggles, rejection, hurt and pain I am a victor and His(God) strength is made perfect in my weakness. I help professional women to boost their self confidence so that they can excel personally and professionally. My advice to women who may feel stuck in their career path, struggling with inadequacy and low confidence is that all that you’re looking for is on the other side of fear. Change your thinking and change your life. It all starts with you believing in you.

Tiffany Parker

My name Is Tiffany. I currently work as a tradeshow coordinator for a fashion wholesale company in Los Angeles, California. I always knew that I wanted to work in the fashion industry. In elementary school, I began sketching outfits. My mother taught me how to sew clothes for my Barbie dolls (lol). In high school, I made outfits for our dance team and my homecoming dress. While attending The Art Institute of Atlanta I interned at Nordstrom. After graduation, I worked as a Temp for a fashion wholesale company. I worked my way up in the company and was very vocal about wanting to move to LA to work with them.

There is a quote that reads, ” Don’t work 8 hours for a company and then go home and not work on your goals. You’re not tired, you’re uninspired”.

This quote resonated with me as I realized that I had my own dreams that I wanted to pursue and have been neglecting. I always dreamt of starting a clothing brand. On February 18th, I launched my clothing brand Shop Gyal. I’ve faced many challenges. The major one being “how do I divide my work life and personal life” I’m still learning this.