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You’ve tried setting goal after goal but nothing works. Meanwhile, it seems like everyone around you is growing and thriving, leaving you behind. I’ve been there. I used to feel like all the things I wanted were a million miles away. It wasn’t until I educated myself that I learned that all of my goals were well within my reach. Now I have the perfect way to share my abundance with you. I created the Affirmations for Life Card Deck to ignite the positivity in your thoughts.

Each deck contains:

⦁ 41 powerful affirmations printed on medium-sized cards


When I began to speak affirmations over my life, some of my biggest personal and professional goals began to manifest. And yours can too. Grab your affirmations today and experience abundance and success for yourself!




  1. Tashya

    I absolutely love these cards. I was never big on affirmations, but I love picking one randomly and it speaks to what I am dealing with at the time. I have begun to use them daily and use the one I pick on Monday as the overall affirmation for the week! I’ve even used them in my class and my students love them.

  2. ma2wife (verified owner)

    I lovvvvvvveeee?????these affirmations!!! Its hard enough to keep yourself motivated while moving forward or when your dealing with LIFE situations but these cards give u that push to affirm whatever you’re trying to grasp!! I was reading them daily but I see another reviewer does them by the week which I feel like I will adopt that going forward. The week does allow your affirmation to sink in more and give you more time to marinate in your affirmation for that week!!! If you need an extra boost, I assure you that these affirmation cards will get you to where you’re trying to go or get your mind to!!!

  3. Towanda (verified owner)

    I love my affirmation cards….????..I leave them at work and it helps me start my day and to remain positive throughout!!! So grateful for Nadia and the services she is providing…. helping me get on the right track!! I appreciate ya girl????????

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