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Working under pressure has always been your norm. If it’s not a last minute task, you turn it into one. Then procrastination moves in, looming over your goals like a bulging raincloud brewing a storm.

Be honest,
Do you struggle to deliver on your promises, risking your most valuable relationships?
Does it feel like you’re always busy but never really get anything accomplished?
Have you tried time management techniques that worked temporarily but didn’t hold up over time?

Repeat after me. Procrastination. Is. Not. A. Character. Defect.
It’s your mind’s way of responding to stressful or overwhelming situations. So you don’t need to feel ashamed or embarrassed. Especially when you can do something about it.
In Procrastination Unplugged, I’ll teach you how to nix noisy excuses, and confidently zero in on your goals. The digital workbook is filled with simple, but powerful exercises that will reshape the way you approach decision making. For good.

You’ll also get . . .

  • The secret to procrastination proofing your to-do lists
  • My 10 step process to breaking down your goals
  • Tips for choosing the right person to be your accountability partner
  • And an action plan template that takes the guesswork out of tackling procrastination when it strikes
  • PLUS, you’ll get my proven affirmations to promote a healthier, less stressed mindset!
    If you want freedom from chaos and more time to pursue your dreams, then Procrastination Unplugged is your long awaited solution.

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Price: $25.99
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Length: 33 Pages

2 reviews for Procrastination Unplugged E-Guide

  1. Nicole

    As a busy mom & solopreneur I was looking for something that would help me eliminate all of the obstacles I constantly felt thrown in my path. Procrastination Unplugged was exactly what I needed to help me get on track with my business goals & stay focused on order to achieve them!

  2. Ebony

    What I really enjoyed about Procrastination Unplugged is that it got right into the heart of my procrastination. There was no fluff. This guide is jam packed with tools, resources, and samples from Coach Nadia that helped me to visualize where I was needing to adjust certain things in my life. The affirmations and free writing spaces really helps to commit to memory what I really wanted versus procrastinating on what no longer serves me. I now feel better equipped to stop making excuses and start creating the life I deserve.

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